If I joint venture do I still need training?

New note investors ask this question often

They usually ask “If we do a couple of joint venture deals will I be prepared to invest on my own or do I still need training?”. That is an interesting question.

Before I got into the note business I had plenty of experience in real estate and debt —realtor, ran a real estate agency, developed real estate projects, invested in factoring bonds— and taking training for note investing saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been spent on mistakes trying to learn on my own.

I love to talk about notes all the time, but investing in a few assets will teach you how to deal with the particular circumstances of those few deals, you will not be prepared for all that is to come.

When you take training you will receive TONS of information that will help you avoid pitfalls. If you don’t feel 100% confident on spending the big bucks on training, consider taking a virtual or one-day training for the small bucks. You should ask the education provider if the training you are taking is all that you need to start investing, and if not, what more will be needed.

It is not the same to see how a house is been build than to take general contracting training. If you see how three or four houses are build you will get the confidence from the visual experience, but you will not become a general contractor.

As to the new investor question, I always tell new investors that if they are planning on making a business out of this, they need to take training.

Disclosure: I am not a trainer, and I am not affiliated with any trainer.

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