Profitable Returns From Passive Investments

Our investment partners experience the following benefits through note investing:

  • An investment in assets secured by real estate property with their private funds or Self-Directed IRA account (with tax-deferred or tax-exempt earnings!)
  • Assets secured by real property
  • Purchasing valuable assets at a steep discount
  • Reduced risk due to deep analysis and due diligence on the investment opportunities
  • Profit in as quickly as 6-18 months (Usually 6-12 months)

What Are The Risks Of Note Investment?

Mortgage notes, unlike traditional investments, offer a lower risk for investors than those other alternatives. Even though non-performing notes typically offer a positive return on investment, not all note deals are winners.

LHE Ventures believes that with proper due diligence, exit strategy planning, and constant monitoring the investment risks are significantly reduced.

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