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Great Money idea What Is Mortgage Note Investing?

When a mortgage note or promissory note becomes non-performing due to lack of payment, the bank then has the option to sell this note to avoid higher capital requirements from regulators, and thus remove it from their books.

These notes are then acquired by LHE Ventures LLC at a steeply discounted price, and carefully vetted by our team before being offered to our investment partners.

Mortgage Notes Investment

Creative Real Estate Investment Vs. Traditional Investments

Investing in real estate notes offers you the advantage of securing a profit from the moment you acquire the note. Note investing provides you with the flexibility to choose from numerous exit strategies to secure profitable returns.

When you invest in non-performing notes, you can opt to take them back to a re-performing state, or foreclose on the property itself, among a few other options. With traditional investments, it’s rare to make a profit from the moment the asset is purchased, as it may require you to renovate the property, or wait years for the market value to increase. Also, these types of investments may present a high risk to the investor.

Note investing is backed by the physical property of the loan, unlike other types of investment that may have nothing to secure it.

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Howard Marcalle, President of LHE Ventures

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LHE Ventures’ goal is to provide our investment partners with the option to acquire passive investments that will allow you to make a profit. Our team has over 16 years of experience in the real estate business, and has mastered the art of acquiring profitable notes due to our thorough vetting process.

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